EvoDevoNet 2012

Evolution and Development of Networks, from Systems Biology to Computational Neuroscience

EvoDevoNet 2012

EvoDevoNet2012: Evolution and Development of Networks, from Systems Biology to Computational Neuroscience aims to present work on computational properties of networks that:

  • have evolved in real life (Systems Biology, Systems Neuroscience)
  • or were evolved artificially,
  • could be implemented in hardware, software or "wet-ware",
  • are of interest as a general approach to understand how biological networks work, or
  • as an approach towards biologically-inspired computation.


Our aim is to link the Artificial Life, Systems Biology, and Computational Neuroscience communities, either from the point of view of common theoretical approaches, computational tools, or interfacing platforms


EvoDevoNet 2012 builds on the experience of the SynBioCCC held during ECAL'11, DevLeaNN in Paris, France, and EvoNet2012 held during Alife 13 in East Lansing, MI.


We have scheduled eight presentations. The lectures on Friday are intended for the broader audience, while the presentations on Saturday will concentrate on more specific issues and recent advances.

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(the workshop is open to students and researchers and no registration is necessary, but seating is limited)

Friday, 23 November 2012
Lecture Hall "Parter", Collegium Biologicum, Adam Mickiewicz University (Umultowska 89, Poznan)

15:30-15:35 Introduction
15:35-16:30 Prof. Rodney Douglas (University & ETH Zurich, Switzerland): Can we build a brain?
16:40-17:35 Prof. Yaochu Jin (University of Surrey, United Kingdom): Computational modeling, analysis and synthesis of gene regulatory networks

Saturday, 24 November 2012
Seminar Room 312, Poznan Science Centre, Polish Academy of Sciences (Wieniawskiego 17/19, Poznan)

8:30-8:35 Introduction
8:35-9:15 Yaochu Jin (University of Surrey, United Kingdom): Modelling activity-dependant neural plasticity in liquid state machines for spatiotemporal pattern recognition
9:20-10:05 Rodney Douglas (University & ETH Zurich, Switzerland): Understanding the neocortex as a self-constructing system
10:25-11:10 Volker Steuber (University of Hertfordshire, United Kingdom): Multi-scale models of information processing in the cerebellum
11:15-12:00 Taras Kowaliw (Complex Systems Institute ISC-PIF, CNRS, France): Developmental neural network design for image processing
13:30-14:05 Maciej Komosinski (Technical University of Poznan, Poland), Adam Kups (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland): Neuronal model of time perception
14:10-14:45 Borys Wrobel (Adam Mickiewicz University, Poland): Evolving networks for animat control

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    Comission for Technical Cybernetics, Poznan Branch, Polish Academy of Sciences

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    Faculty of Biology, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan

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    MPD/2010/3 (Fundation for Polish Science/ EU Regional Development Fund)

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