EvoNet @ Alife13

Evolving Networks, from Systems/Synthetic Biology to Computational Neuroscience


EvoNet2012: Evolving Networks, from Systems/Synthetic Biology to Computational Neuroscience is a workshop organized in conjunction with Alife13, 13th International Conference on the Simulation & Synthesis of Living Systems. The workshop aims to bring together researchers interested in investigating computational properties of networks that:

  • have evolved in real life (Systems Biology, Systems Neuroscience)
  • or were evolved artificially,
  • could be implemented in hardware, software or "wet-ware",
  • are of interest as a general approach to understand how biological networks work, or
  • as an approach towards biologically-inspired computation.


We encourage especially presentations that link the Artificial Life, Systems Biology, and Computational Neuroscience communities, either from the point of view of common theoretical approaches, computational tools, or interfacing platforms (for example, Systems Biology Markup Language and other XML-based formats).


The workshop will build on the experience of the SynBioCCC held during ECAL'11 and the later DevLeaNN workshop in Paris.


We plan to schedule about 10 presentations. If there will be more high-quality presentations than time slots, some authors will be invited to present posters with 5-minute presentation of the main points during an additional short session.

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Thursday, 19 July 2012

09:00-09:05 Introduction
09:05-09:30 Hiroki Sayama: Modeling Co-Evolution of States and Topologies of Adaptive Networks
09:35-10:00 Richard Watson, Rob Mills, Simon T. Powers, Adam Davies, Christopher Buckley, Chris Cox and Adam Jackson: Individual and Global Adaptation in Networks
10:05-10:30 Joel Lehman, Sebastian Risi and Kenneth Stanley: On the Benefits of Divergent Search for Evolved Representations
10:35-11:00 William Garrett Mitchener: A Discrete Artificial Regulatory Network for Simulating the Evolution of Computation
11:05-11:30 Borys Wrobel, Ahmed Abdelmotaleb and Michal Joachimczak: Evolving Spiking Neural Networks in the GReaNs (Gene Regulatory evolving artificial Networks) Plaftorm

Proceedings are available for download.

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Call for Papers

We invite papers in the form of extended abstracts (2-4 pages). We are especially interested in papers which have tutorial value, that synthesize existing results, or present a research portfolio. Papers describing new work are, of course, also welcome. The authors of accepted submissions will be expected to present at the workshop. Submissions will be single-blind reviewed.

A short summary should be included in all abstracts. Please use the IEEE conference paper style and EasyChair for submission.

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Important Dates

Submission deadline: 7 April 2012

Notification: 23 April 2012

Final papers due: 10 May 2012

Notification of final acceptance: 15 May 2012

Confirmation of participation due: 25 May 2012

Program posted: 1 July 2012

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Organizing committee

Program committee

Wolfgang Banzhaf, Stephane Doncieux, Rodney Douglas, Rene Doursat, Taras Kowaliw, Nikola Markov, Arjen van Ooyen, Maria Schilstra, Volker Steuber, Yaochu Jin, Borys Wrobel

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